Sen. Youri Latortue to File Lawsuit for WikiLeaks Reports

Written by Danio Darius

Wednesday, 06 July 2011 15:59

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Senator Youri Latortue of Artibonite described an article published in Haïti Liberté as "extremely serious" and plans to bring a complaint to court against the paper.

The article published in the June 29-July 5 periodical cited Senator Latortue as a "mafia drug dealer and champion of political corruption." Speaking on air at Panel Magik on Monday, the senator rejected outright such charges and said he will file a formal complaint.

"I will take the newspaper to court," he said. "It is too easy to destroy people in Haiti ", continued the senator, who believes that the newspaper would have gone beyond the revelations made by the Wikileaks cable.

According to the article, Latortue, the Head of the Senate Justice and Security Committee is involved in the murder of the priest Jean-Marie Vincent and between 2002 and 2004, according to the article, Latortue took several trips to the United States, Canada and the Dominican Republic to meet with Guy Philippe, Jodel Chambelain and other members of the group of "rebels" who were formed, and launched raids on Haiti ousting President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

Youri Latortue also attacked the businessman Fritz Mevs whose name was mentioned in the article. Mevs, according to Haiti-Liberté, citing Wikileaks, accused Latortue and others in 2005 to be part of "a small clique of powerful people and introduced many" working for Colombian drug traffickers. Charges that the parliamentary attributed to a settling of accounts.

"I had denounced the illegality of a contract between the Haitian government and industry for the occupation of Port Sedren of Gonaives," said Youri Latortue. Under this contract, Fritz Mevs had to provide the Haitian nine hundred thousand (900,000) gourdes a year. "A sum which was well below what could actually be brought through the rental of the port in question ", said Youri Latortue.

"This battle will be legal," said the leader of Party Ayiti An Aksyon. "It will also serve as an example to discourage those who belong to cliques and have branches in major embassies and accuse their compatriots for the sole purpose of satisfying their personal interests," concluded the Senator of Artibonite, which intends to make no further statement pending the action of his lawyers who have already formed.

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