Ministry of Public Health Cartoons Aimed at Fighting Cholera [VIDEO]

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - The Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) in a partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have teamed up to produce six short cartoons to combat cholera.

The short films feature a character, already famous in Haiti, called Ti-Joël.

Ti-Joël demonstrates to viewers how to protect and treat cholera, properly washing hands, treating water, preparing oral serum, and the importance of not discriminating against the sick.

The six animated films began airing on Haiti National Television (TNH) and are available internet. The MSPP announced on June 2, 2011 the strengthening of the anti-choléra campaign.

The beginning of the hurricane season has resulted in a resurgence of the cholera epidemic, particularly in the Ouest Department.

The cholera outbreak which was brought to Haiti through a United Nations stabilization detachment has killed an estimated 5,400 people since October 2010.

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Source: Le Nouvelliste , Haiti Press Network

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