Soccer Match: Presidency vs MINUSTAH

Written by Project Peace Latin America

Thursday, 20 October 2011 19:29

LES CAYES, Haiti ( - The football team of President Michel Martelly will play a game against the United Nations Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH) to promote peace and tolerance. This meeting is the result of the efforts of Project Peace Latin America and Haiti Youth Development and Education, two organizations that promote peace and to support education through sport.

On October 22, 2011, the land of Gabions Les Cayes, a port city in southern Haiti, will host an unusual match. President Michel Martelly and its football team will play a friendly against the United Nations Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH) to promote peace and tolerance. This meeting is part of the program 'A Goal for Les Cayes', set up to disseminate through sport a message of friendship and peace.

'A Goal for Les Cayes' Peace Project is organized by Latin America in partnership with Haiti Youth Development and Education (HYDE) and Hope For Haiti to celebrate the International Day of Peace. Also on the sidelines of the meeting, the city's youth will have access to the same football field-day for friendly matches. More than a day of football, 'A Goal for Les Cayes' aims to promote values ​​of peace, teamwork and discipline, in communities, using football as a professional development tool and human potential in young people.

Thousands of children from all over Haiti share an unfailing passion for football. 'A Goal for Les Cayes' will be an opportunity to strengthen education through sport and football in the Southern Department. For this, a donation in uniform, in balloons and sports equipment for eleven (11) rural schools in Cavaillon will be made in order to launch a year of interscholastic championship in that locality.

Between February and May, the championship teams of students together from the middle classes and the ninth year of basic education. Schools have limited resources to cover the costs and management training for these teams. Sustainable, Latin America and Peace Project HYDE wish to encourage a partnership with the Haitian Football Federation, so to obtain certification for coaches of the schools. 'A Goal for Les Cayes' aims to mobilize support at the local level to help organize a championship in the long run.

Project Peace Latin America is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting peace. Actress and model, Eglantina Zingg, and the journalist and television producer, Elizabeth 'Bibi' Nunez, direct Latin America Peace Project which aims to strengthen human values ​​through projects on sport, culture and education , especially in children and young people.
Haiti Youth Development and Education, HYDE is a charitable non-profit organization that looks specifically at young people to help them fight idleness through sport and culture. HYDE has already organized in Florida and Haiti, several football matches at international level, to celebrate peace. Donations of equipment and held the football for children in Haiti.

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