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Haiti: Lawmakers rescue Senator "aggressed" by Police

GRESSIER, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - A delegation of lawmakers, both senators and deputies, joined a large crowd of citizens, who were forced into rescuing Senator Jean-Charles Moise, who decried being "aggressed" by police in the town of Gressier, Ouest. The incident took place as a climate of dictatorship had begun settling in Haiti, with elections overdue and stacking for nearly three years.


Martelly to decree Duvalier Lawyer into electoral council

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - Via executive order and without the participation of the Parliament, President Michel Martelly is expected to appoint Fritzo Canton, one of the defense lawyers of former Dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, to a "Provisional Electoral Council" not conforming with that described Constitution of Haiti; this is according to a press note from the National Palace.


"We can't begin to talk about development," says Interior Minister Delva

JACMEL, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - The local governments at the township and city level across the country are in "total disorder" and in many cases "dysfunctional", according to the new Minister of the Interior, Reginald Delva, who urged political actors to expedite the electoral process, to replace the more than 140 appointed local commissioners and mayors with officials that should have been elected in the overdue 2011 elections. For Minister Delva, the untenable situation compromises democracy and takes any talk of development out of the national conversation.


'Martelly has no intention of holding elections' says his Senate partisans

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - A Senator of the Republic said the population should not be confused, 'the President of the Republic has no intention of holding elections'. This would not be news if it had not come from Senator Francisco Delacruz (Centre/Alternativ), who is not in the opposition and was a participant in the talks at El Rancho, at which his party signed the controversial accord. Furthermore, Senator Edwin Zenny (Sud-Est/Inite), a steadfast Martelly loyalist, warned the Head of State against his inclination to apply the controversial Article 12 of the controversial El Rancho accord.


Senate formally calls for CEP based on the Constitution of Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - The Senate of the Republic sent a letter to the National Palace to formally inform the Head of State of the need to hold elections, three years overdue, by the end of 2014. Accordingly, the Senate has proposed the formation of Provisional Electoral Council based on the amended Constitution of Haiti of 1987, Article 289.


Senate President solicits the resignation of President Martelly

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - On Monday, the President of the National Assembly solicited the President of the Republic to resign from office if elections, overdue since 2011, are not held by year's end.


Martelly gives Senators ultimatum to amend Electoral Law

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - President Michel Martelly expressed his determination to hold senatorial and local elections on October 26, 2014, with or without an electoral law or new electoral council. Opponents have likened the tentative contests to those of the Duvalier era where actual voting was merely for show as the eventual victors were chosen by the National Palace.

Faced with a large and growing opposition and the need to hold his contests, Martelly threatened to apply article 12 of an agreement, made at the El Rancho hotel, between minority political parties, of international community pressure and under the auspices of the Catholic Church.


"Criminal state", decries population after release of wife of Sonson Lafamilia

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - The wife of one of Haiti and Interpol's most wanted criminals was irregularly released from prison and according to sources, picked up by a vehicle of the National Palace, causing outrage throughout the population over the reign of impunity in Haiti.


Martelly says the National Treasury is empty

LES CAYES, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - President Michel Martelly said the National Treasury is empty an audio recording, taken as he was speaking to a group of supporters in the city of Les Cayes, revealed the declaration.


Senators will not vote electoral law, tentative elections doubtful

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - The amendments proposed to the electoral law during the talks at El Rancho will not be brought to the floor of the Senate announced Senate President Simon Desras. This means elections that were due to be held in 2011 and 2013 would not be held in 2014, and definetly not the October 26, 2014 date announced by the President of the Republic.


Senator apologizes for assault on citizen

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - After hundreds took the streets in Jacmel and after the filing of a criminal complaint against himself, Senator Wencesclas Lambert (Sud-Est/Inite) apologized to his family, colleagues and young victim, Daniel Theodore, whom he broke his jaw causing the loss of teeth.


Senator Lambert "barbaric" assault of citizen

JACMEL, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - Senator Wencesclas Lambert (Sud-Est/Inite) admitted to attacking a citizen of the republic, a young activist and student, causing injury and the loss of two teeth, because the citizen called declarations by Lambert, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, lies during a meeting.


Legislative sessions not possible in lame duck

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - The Chamber of Deputies, although in complete control of the National Palace, has not been able to hold any meetings in 2014, marking a deepening lame duck session that began in 2011.


Haiti will respond to U.S. human rights report

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - The Government of Haiti says it is working on a response to a U.S. State Department report which outlined a series of human rights violations under the Martelly administration.


U.S. denounces violations of human rights in Haiti

WASHINGTON, DC (sentinel.ht) - In its latest report, the Office of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor of the U.S. State Department reported several cases of human rights violations by the Martelly administration during the 2013 year.


With allegations unfounded, Audit Court Justices published

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - Following months of delay and allegations of fraud, the National Palace finally announced that it would be publishing the names of the remaining justices of the Supreme Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes as elected by the Senate.


Orlando Police Chief John Mina meets with Haitian Community

ORLANDO, USA (sentinel.ht) - On Friday, the new Orlando Police Chief, John Mina, and other top officers of the Orlando Police Department met with leaders of the Haitian community on the basis of outreach and improving relations, not, as Mina often reiterated, to hold a press conference about the exhumation of Carline Brumaire-Jean, who died and was found in her car at the bottom of a pond in circumstances unclear.


U.S. Temporary Protected Status Extended for Haitians

WASHINGTON, DC (sentinel.ht/USCIS) — United States Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson will extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which began after the 2010 earthquake, for eligible nationals of Haiti for an additional 18 months, effective July 23, 2014 through January 22, 2016.


National Police unveil Equestrian Brigade

JACMEL, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - Curious citizens came to admire the Equestrian Brigade of the National Police of Haiti, which was unveiled in the city of Jacmel Sunday February 23.


Haitian officials exclaim deception by Dominicans regarding court ruling

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - Haitian authorities exclaimed their deception Thursday after learning that the Dominican government did not introduce a special law that would have hoped to address the case of Dominicans of foreign descent affected by the Dominican Constitutional Tribunal ruling 168-13, most of whom are of Haitian descent.


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