Haiti: President Martelly Decides Not to Present Travel Documents to Senate Commission

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( President Michel Martelly said that there are no laws requiring him to present his passport, referring to a senate commission investigating the nationality of members of the executive that requested his travel documents.

"There is nothing that permits institutions to request the Executive reports on his passport. My passport will remain where it is," said Mr. Martelly.

"The passport will remain in the pocket of the president," said the head of state.

Recall that Senator Moise Jean Charles wrote to Senate President asking him to require the President to submit within three days his passport to the inquiry commission for appropriate action.

On the other hand, some groups are planning to do a demonstration on February 7th to force Mr. Martelly to submit his passport to the inquiry.

President Michel Martelly
02.03.12 | Radio Kiskeya

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