Haiti-Crisis: Martelly “Quarrelsome As A Gladiators”, Say Legislators

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht)- While the president Martelly ask to calm down, the chairs of the Senate and House of Deputies, Desras Simon and Dieuseul Levaillant Louis-Jeune, launched an alarming call to the nation shortly after the resignation of Garry Conille, Friday February 24, 2012.

Critical of the head of state they say "quarrelsome as a gladiator," the MPs took offense of wasted energy and time spent in trivia while the people languish in poverty, two years after the earthquake of January 12. Worse, this form of "deconstruction" is metastasizing, spreading.

"This kind of deconstruct dangerous door itself of contagious germs likely to reach the fertile ground in Parliament", and noted Desras Levaillant, presumably powerless against what appears to be an "alliance" between perspective and Martelly some forces of decision in Parliament.

The appeal to the nation or the call to revolt against the "backward" occurred a few hours after the resignation of Prime Minister Garry Conille. Lonely, abandoned and forced to exit just four months after taking office, Garry Conille had begun a review of a number of contracts signed by former Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive.

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