Haiti: Senator Moise More Convinced President Martelly is U.S. Citizen

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012 02:42

CAP-HAITIEN, Haiti (defend.ht) – Recent events have not discouraged Senator Jean-Charles Moise (Nord/Inite) in his quest to prove that President Michel Martelly would hold foreign citizenship. Au contraire, the senator says recent events have only strengthened his convictions.

According to Senator Moise, s letter that would be from U.S. Ambassador Kenneth Merten, that has disproven a passport number given as evidence by the Moise only confirms, according to the senator, that the President of the Republic of Haiti is an American citizen.

Senator Moises seeks a clear response from U.S. authorities, saying in an interview, "it's not just an opinion on a passport number. The U.S. authorities must make it clear if President Martelly is a U.S. citizen or not."

To Senator Moise, the unwillingness of the authorities to give a response on Michel Martelly’s citizenship status is an indication that he is a citizen and protected by their privacy laws.

Anchor Marie Lucie Bonhomme
Senator Jean-Charles Moise
02.14.12 | Vision 2000


”We truly appreciate the United States because they recognize that President Martelly is a citizen of their country. Even though they say the passport number does not correspond to the passport that President Martelly has at the same time they say they do not have the right to give information concerned about him as he is an American citizen…” – Jean-Charles Moise, Senator

Again Senator Moise said heand some colleagues have written to the President of the Senate to have him request that the Head of State put his passport at the disposal of senate commission of inquiry.

Reporter Jean-Baptiste Dhazhouloute
Senator Jean-Charles Moise
02.14.12 | Radio Kiskeya


Senator Moise also believes that the commission chairman, Senator Joseph Lambert (Sud-Est/Inite) has been compromised by the presidency and will be the next to leave the commission.