Haiti-Dual-Nationality: Senator Anacacis Supports Senator Moïse

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Thursday, 26 January 2012 15:24

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) - Senator Jean-Anacacis Hector (Ouest/Inite) says that the two confirmed cases of foreign nationals found in the government concerned a man and a woman. He would not reveal their identity, but said that there were two "guinea fowl", an animal symbolizing the Duvalier regime.

Senator Jean Hector Anacacis accredited Wednesday the charges of his colleague Jean-Charles Moses (Nord/Inite) of multinationality of the alleged members of the Executive, the Head of State included, following the revelations of the Special Commission of Inquiry that the least two elements of the team Martelly / Conille are foreign nationals.

"This is the start of evidence. The information provided by Senator Jean-Charles began to be confirmed, "said the MP with some asserting that the first two official whose multinationality is found by the investigators are respectively a man and a woman.

But Senator Anacacis refrained from revealing their identity. He just joked that there were two "guinea fowl", a "male" and "female."

The guinea fowl was the symbol of the Duvalier’s regime, this fowl symbolized the Tontons Macoutes and the officials of the regime.

According to Senator Anacacis, one must not anymore speak of the « allegations » of Senator Moise Jean-Charles, who, he says, has given evidence of what he said.

Meanwhile, he expressed confidence in the special commission which should provide an excellent job of verifying the nationality of the 39 members of the current administration.

Jean Hector Anacacis however refers to the desire of some members to guide the investigation in a given direction and to seek a "way out" for Presidency.

The former Haitian Constitution that the executive adheres to prohibits dual nationality in all cases.