Haiti: Senators May Travel Abroad to Investigate Nationality of Members of Government

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Friday, 20 January 2012 17:10

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) – Senators could travel abroad to investigate the nationality of officials suspected of holding several nationalities, announced this week the Chairman Joseph Lambert (Sud-Est/Inite) of the Special Senate Committee to investigate this matter.

Senator Lambert does not rule out "the possibility to make trips to other countries to consult the views of other parliamentary colleagues on the toughness of this information and even institutions that can contribute to the outcome of the investigation.”

Efforts are currently underway in embassies and international organizations, informed members of the commission.

However, Senator Joseph Lambert warns against speculation pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation.

"No speculation is possible," he said at a meeting of members of the commission with the press January 18 to present an initial assessment of their work.

The survey covers thirty nine state officials, among them President Michel Martelly, the Prime Minister Garry Conille, as well as ministers and state secretaries.

"The commission has no state of mind (...), the inquiry result will determine the fate of the officials who hold dual or triple nationality, each will suffer the consequences of his actions," says Lambert.

The commission has been working for about two weeks holding a valid three months from the Assembly of Senators to check the allegations of state officials who have one or more foreign nationalities.

The Haitian Constitution requires the president and prime minister are of Haitian origin who have never renounced their nationality.

For weeks, Senator Moise Jean-Charles (Nord/Inite) repeatedly denounced the double or triple presumed nationality of head of state.