Haiti: Senate Committee to Investigate Nationalities, Reestablished

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) – A Senate committee to investigate the possibility of foreign nationals in the Haitian government was reestablished Monday after the opening of the new parliamentary session.

Senators Joseph Lambert (Sud-Est/Inite) and Youri Latortue (Artibonite/AAA) are Chairman and Secretary of the commission, respectively.

The Senate committee to investigate the nationality of members of the government was established in the first week of November at the request of Senator Moise Jean Charles (Nord/Inite) alleging that several members of the government of foreign nationalities.

The office of the commission should investigate the president Martelly who hold two passports one Italian and one American, according to the senator who also denounced three members of the government, including the Foreign minister.

In addition to the office, three subcommittees were formed to investigate the institutions related with this issue. These are the immigration, foreign affairs and archives.

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