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Senator Benoit Requires PM Bellerive to Report on $3,400,000,000 in State Money

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011 00:53

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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Senator Steven Benoit (Alternativ) took a technical approach looking to scrutinize the record of the Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive, who is rumored to be up for reappointment. The Senator asked for an accounting of $3.4 billion in state dollars.

"Me, myself, I hear of two inquiries of Mr. Bellerive. We ask that he reconvene with us here, before he leaves [office], or before he is reappointed - I heard the rumor too - for him to come here and give me two things."

"A report on Petrocaribe, the final report. 197 million, 197 million and the 108 million. In the 108 million I hear he has 15 projects. 15 projects he said he has, 17 projects, as for me, I would like to know, these 17 projects, what are they, in what commune and in what department."

Sen. Steven Benoit @ 8:30

"Then there is 163 million that came after January 12, I want to know what did he get done, finally. And the 197 million that goes back to Madame [Prime Minister] Pierre-Louis. I'm not going to beat him, it wasn't his administration, but I would like to know if Madame Pierre-Louis left behind a few documents for him so that he may share with us."

"For me I would like the population to know, with this $3.4 billion what was done with it, where was it done, so that the population can know. And if, the $3.4 billion was was effectively applied, me I am prepared to say 'bravo, Government of Preval-Bellerive you've done a good job, excuse me, I've made a lot of noise for no reason."

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Source: Metro News by TeleMetropole Haiti