Senator Jeanty: Bellerive PM Reappointment Would Not Be Change

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011 15:05

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - With rumors circulating that Jean-Max Bellerive may assume the post of Prime Minister for a second term, Senator Jean William Jeanty responded with disfavor to the notion.

Senator Jean William Jeanty (KONBA), of Nippes, Sud-Ouest, remarked on the Bellerive talks implying this would not be change, contrary to the theme of the President during the campaign trail.

"All the reports we have, the negative reports, from the administration of Preval, Mr. Bellerive, it is him who was Prime Minister. It is him who was the chief of the government."

"What this means is the fouled elections, it is on the record of Bellerive you must put it. The IHRC that has not performed, that can't give... no one knows where it begins and where it ends, it is on the record of Mr. Bellerive you must put it on. Understand?"

"All the nonsense that happened after the elections here, it is on the record of Bellerive you must put it."

"If it is right now, you decide that you can again reappoint him, it is a recourse to re-fail. You understand?"

Sen. William Jeanty @ 7:00

"And at this same time you also send a different message to the Haitian people, saying 'man, contrary to the campaign I was doing for change, no, it is in continuity, and it is in the continuity of Mr. Bellerive that I am on,' a person must be clear about this."

"Well, this is only a rumor, but in any case, the position that I, myself, have on this is: all the records we have, negative records we are making, on the last administration, Preval-Bellerive, it is a record of failure, failure that has given us the results of the elections we have just seen here..."

On Wednesday it was reported that the President of the Republic had requested current, but assumed outgoing, Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive, to help him begin his program of change through out the country.

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Source: Metro News by TeleMetropole Haiti