Haiti: Mayor of Tabarre Prohibited from Leaving the Country

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Monday, 05 March 2012 09:18

Jean Frantz Theodat

TABARRE, Haiti (defend.ht) - The Mayor of Tabarre, Jean Frantz Theodat, is restricted from leaving the country for being named as a subject of the fire that destroyed the public market of Tabarre. Authorities have declared the fire to be an act of arson.

The government commissioner at the court of first instance of Croix des Bouquets, Mario Beauvoir, confirmed the news and welcomed the cooperation of the mayor in the investigation.

The mayor is accused of passivity by several vendors who had registered significant losses in the disaster. They claim that Mayor Theodat, although informed of threats against the market, had taken no safe disposal.

Others accuse Mayor Theodat to having attempted to sell the land to a certain "Ti Jean".

Theodat categorically denies these charges, arguing that the mayor has no legal provision to carry out transactions on a heritage of the municipality.

However the Head of the Prosecutor's Office, Beauvoir, displayed a firm determination to lead the investigation saying "this is not an investigation without end," promising to call any and all persons accused in the matter.

As part of the arson investigation the judicial authorities had ordered the arrest of several individuals including the chief of security at the market, the director of the market and two security officers.

The head of the Prosecutor's Office had indicated that the fire in the market of Tabarre is criminal.