Former INITE Senators Call for Public Apology and Reinstatement

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012 19:22

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – Former Senators Kely Bastien and Joseph Lambert have rejected the decision by the INITE Party coordination to remove them from the party. The two removed have given the executive body of the platform 48 hours to issue a public apology and reinstate their membership on the grounds that the decision was taken under conditions irregular.

The former representative of the Nord, Bastien, said that there are members of INITE that are not okay with the decision and also there are members who never attend meetings but have never been reprimanded.

”There were discussion and there were many members who were not okay [with the decision] because, you do not judge people behind their back.”

”I was not present and no one sought to find out for what reason I was not present and even worse there are members in INITE that don’t ever set a foot in the meetings and they’ve never been sanctioned.”

”But me I have always gone [to meetings] but it has been some time since I’ve gone to one and it is on this basis they’ve taken this decision and couldn’t even wait for me to come and defend myself.”

”And even at this very moment that I’m talking to you I haven’t seen the resolution. This means they haven’t even learned the lesson of communicating to you the decision that they have taken.”

Kely Bastien
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The spokesman for INITE, Deputy Sorel Jacinthe (Moron & Chamberllan/INITE) said the decision to remove the two senators was taken on the basis that the members had not, for some time, attended party meetings. Jacinthe said efforts to contact the two members had been futile. After many phone calls, SMS messages and voice mails from the party coordination to Lambert and Bastien went unanswered, Deputy Jacinthe says the decision was made.

The deputy added that the former senators were finally met when he and the coordination visited the home of the President of the Republic, Michel Martelly, who INITE recognizes as part of the opposition. Furthermore, Jacinthe said that the two senators took positions with the president that did not conform with the decisions of the party.

Deputy Sorel Jacinthe
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Deputy Joseph Wilbert Deshommes (Grand Saline/INITE) sided with Bastien and Lambert saying that the decision should have been made in the presence of more members of the party and the two members in question, Bastien and Lambert, should have been present. For these reasons, Deshommes would like to see the resolution stopped and another meeting be scheduled on the question and in more regular conditions, according to the deputy.

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