Haiti: Charles Henry Baker Urges Haitian Government to Shed light on Corruption Charges

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Friday, 27 April 2012 21:40

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht)-The chairman of the political party “Respect”, Charles Henry Baker, is worried because of the many abuses of the Haitian authorities. He deplored the absence of head of state which gives opportunity to other abuses.

Among others, the Businessman condemns the refusal of ministers to answer a summons from the outgoing Prime Minister while the country facing a security crisis.

Meanwhile, Charles Henry Baker requires light to be shed on the accusations of the Dominican journalist Nuria Pierra. According to Mr. Baker, Haitian institutions like the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies and the Unit for the Fight against Corruption (ULCC) must at the request of head of state to investigate allegations of corruption.

The Dominican journalist had indicated that Senator Bautista had granted more than$ 2 million to President Martelly during the election campaign and after he was elected President.

Mr. Baker, who was also a presidential candidate, says he has not been contacted by Dominican Senator. I would have refused anyway, says Mr. Baker adding that the charges against Mr. Martelly also mess the country's image.

Asked about the protest of police, Mr. Baker argued that the response of law enforcement personnel is due to a lack of confidence in the judiciary.

Speaking at the broadcast “Le Point” on TV Metropole, Mr. Baker expressed concern because of rumors of corruption related to the ratification process of the Prime Minister-designate. He said that rumors of bribes dirty the image of the Senate.

Source: Radio Metropole