Haiti Private Schools Suffering with Parents Refusing to Pay

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Friday, 02 December 2011 17:57

KENSCOFF, Haiti (defend.ht) - Private schools are feeling the brunt of the Martelly-Conille education plan as many parents have begun to send their students to these institutions and not paying any fees.

According to Deputy André Gustave Louis (Kenscoff/Rasanble), there have been clashes between parents and school principals who are facing serious challenges to function where they can no longer afford to pay teachers.

The member of parliament called on Thursday for the government to reshape its education programs and free transportation for school children in Haiti.

Deputy Louis who is also a school director, says when parents refuse to pay a penny saying that the head of state has already paid for them, this causes a crisis in private schools that have not yet received the subsidies promised by the President. He says that teachers can not teach courses indefinitely if they do not receive salaries.

The nation's public schools are also facing difficulties functioning. They have reported a massive in flux of students as well, registration fees waived by the Head of State, have not been compensated. These schools are considering cutting school lunch programs in order to continue.

Gustave Louis expressed the hope that the authorities take steps to rectify the situation, to meet the promises made ​​by President Michel Martelly who also said there would be free bus transportation for school children.

Louis says if a bus breaks down it can not be repaired for lack of funds. Louis believes transportation should not be totally free.