Kita Nago, 700 Kilometers On Foot to Encourage Unity

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Tuesday, 08 January 2013 01:36

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( Kita Nago, 700 Kilometers on foot carrying a heavy polished cedar wood pole from Les Irois in The Grand'Anse (Southwest) all the way to Ouanaminthe (Northeast) with the help of citizens from 45 municipalities.



1.2.2013: Kita Nago in Anse-d'Hainault

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This famous piece of art, "Baptized Kita Nago", once it reaches its final destination, will be exhibited in a park and will serve as motivation to encourage effort in everything that benefits Humanity and Haiti.

About the vision

By studying the geography of Haiti when I was a child, I learned that Venezuela was 33 times larger Haiti. I had great shame, because I thought being 33 times smaller than a Venezuelan, and I learned that there were other countries bigger than Haiti, I was wondering what I could do for my country Haiti could become 33,000 times larger than other countries in the world. In this same manual, another lesson said that the sea is three times larger than all the continents together. I thought I could with a magic wand as in the Haitian tales, hit the sea and turn it into land that would take it to Haiti. At that time I had no idea of the concepts: ecology, balance, planet, galaxy, cosmos. When I realized I could not do everything that I dreamed, I wondered what I could well do more for Haiti?

By studying the history of Haiti, I have the regret of not having lived to the time of slavery, in my head, I would have participated in the war of independence. And since then I feel in me the need to work to the advancement of my country.

In 1982 when I was 20, I woke up with an idea in mind. I went to see a professor, Mr.Fabre to explain. After listening to me, he told me: 'My son, you are not ready yet and he convinced me that I was not. So 30 years later, today, I think I gained enough maturity to get the project back on track. But before exposing it to the general public, I thought to do a test with my relatives as to confirm that I was not sinking into madness. Covered by the approval and blessing of all and I began to make the argument for its success. - Nicolas Harry, Mèt Fèy/ Mama Doudou

The essence of the vision?

Build a common project which is gathers all: from one end of the country to get to the other with a piece of art called KITA NAGO and cross the 700 km road that represents the path Irois to Ouanaminthe. Kita Nago is transported man's arm with the help of representatives of 45 municipalities that cross the room until it reaches its final destination to be exposed in a park and serve as motivation to encourage effort in everything can be used in humans.

Kita Nago can be seen as a social and cultural activity

Objectives of the vision?

Encourage the pooling of all sectors of society for the realization of a dream with the participation of everyone. And invest our energy in a collective movement to realize a shared vision without bias for the realization of a large project that is the pride of all participants, supporters and spectators.

Who will carry it?

Children in the country are aware of the fragmentation of our social structure, by this act we intend to assert itself as a nation, to bring us into harmony with ourselves for the benefit of the human race.

When and how?

Kita Nago leave Les Irois on Tuesday 1 January 2013 at 10:00 in the morning. On the evening of Monday, December 31, 2012, a vigil will be held to celebrate the event and the day of year 209 Independence will participate representatives of other departments that are not on the golf Kita Nago.

Kita Nago be carried by hand by volunteers who will walk the road. The relay will be from neighborhood to neighborhood, from section to section, from city to city, town to town, from department to department, Irois to Ouanaminthe

For coverage of the event:

A technical team composed of nine mobile cameramen, reporters 3 audio, 3 photographers, 3 managers, 7 drivers, 3 motorized scouts, 6 restaurants, 1 car camping and a mobile kitchen

Coordination team at the national level consists of one coordinator, one public relations officer, 1 administrator, 1 accountant, three secretaries, two statisticians, 10 bilingual receptionists, messengers 2, 3 cooks and 2 drivers, 1 car 2 Men.

A group of local support in each of the communities that will be on the transition from Kita Nago. It will consist of first citizen of the city and representatives of civil society.

Support groups in the diaspora or a leader of a contact person for each major area.

Path of Kita Nago

Start in Les Irons (Kita) to finsh in Ouanaminthe(Nago) which represents a trajectory of a roughly 700 km across 45 municipalities and 7 counties

Physical presentation of Kita Nago

It is a symbol of unity constructed from a mahogany tree from Métivier, a neighborhood Pernier seventh section of Bellevue Chardonniere common Petion town Haiti. It measures 3.10 m in height (two men of great size one above the other) 0.36 m diameter (twice the width of an electricity pylon) and has weighed approximately 500 Kilos ( Ten bags of cement)

How can we help?

Can be done in different ways, in-kind or cash.

Donations in kind will be in the field, walking distance, the contribution will be: 200 Haitian Gourds per person per Km, everyone can walk as many miles as he wants.

In-kind donations are also accepted there may be equipment for the activity

How will we monitor the progress of the event?

A GPS system will be installed on the website (KPL) Kore pwodiksyon lokal that allow everyone to follow Les Irons to Ouanaminthe to anywhere in the world.

What the company will draw?

The result of the participation will enable everyone to enjoy its potential in terms of cooperation, be aware of its ability to act for change in Haiti and to recognize its responsibility in fulfilling his task and leave space to each other to complete his. It will be a living testimony of the materialisation of an idea catalysing energy leading to a heritage motivation generated by the combination of any one individual.

For more information

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