Haiti: Protesters claim UN Peacekeepers shot student

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Friday, 16 November 2012 21:31

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) - A Haitian citizen, perhaps a university student, was shot and killed on Friday during the 5th day of student protests against the shooting and death of another student by police less than a week prior.


Warning: This video contains graphic footage


11.16.2012: Student protesters try to rush shooting victim to hospital



11.16.2012: Student protest blame police and MINUSTAH for the shooting on Radio Kiskeya


11.16.2012: Police Spokesman Frantz Lerebours says the deceased was not a student but a thief trying to rob another citizen, but Lerebours says the young man was picked up by coroners on the street unlike in the video, by other student protesters.

University students rushed to try to carry the dying individual to the hospital where he ultimately died.

Students blame soldiers of the United Nations peacekeeping force, MINUSTAH, for the killing. MINUSTAH chief Mariano Fernandez released a statement later Friday evening denying the involvement of its armed soldiers.

Police spokesman Frantz Lerebours said the young man was part of a duo who tried to rob another citizen who shot one of them.

Students are contending that the deceased was a student named Jonas at the School of Law at the State University of Haiti.