Solar-Powered Street Lights for Cité Soleil

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Sunday, 28 August 2011 15:26

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( - Project "Light and Safety", brought by Haiti's only designer and manufacturer of solar panels and appliances, Enersa and the Brazilian Embassy have begun to install 208 solar street lights for 26 blocks at 8 street lights per block in the neighborhood of Cité Soleil.

Residents attended the installation of the first 24 street lights on Wednesday. According to reports, the street lights are resistant to vandalism and theft and are made, assembled and installed by Haitians in Haiti.

Jean Ronel Noel was quoted, saying "to date we have trained 19 people in Cité Soleil to produce and install panels."

Reports say that the installation of the lamps are changing the nocturnal habits of the residents of Cité Soleil.

Before streets were empty at night due to darkness and the threat of crime. Now residents benefit from lighting, powered by solar power.

"This is a good initiative, we are no longer in the dark, we can walk quietly through the streets," said a resident, reported by Haiti LIBRE.

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