100: The First Days of President Michel Martelly

Written by Hérold Israël

Monday, 22 August 2011 20:31

When Michel Joseph Martelly was elected the 56th President of the Republic of Haiti, the country, already facing an almost permanent economic crisis and on the verge of social explosion, faced the consequences of the earthquake of January 12, 2010.

The challenges are many and, in addition to the promises made to voters, the president wants to able to handle the unexpected and to establish state structures missing and strengthen others who are mostly failing.

Putting the state to serve the people - and that the whole country - is a dream that the president, who has surrounded himself with a young and dynamic team, intends to implement during the five years of his term. He believes that if the problems are legion, solutions exist and the Information Technology and Communication will enable the country to enter an era of progress.

Open to dialogue, President Joseph Michel Martelly is listening to people and, while avoiding the populist excesses, he intends to govern by taking into account the wishes of all Haitians. As he so aptly said in his inaugural speech, he wants "to serve the Haitian people."

The desire to allow all Haitians and to all Haitians access to knowledge is the result of this deep desire to create the dream of Haiti.

During the first hundred days of his presidency, he has invested body and soul in the pursuit of resources for the realization of its promise of free education.

The National Fund for Education (NEF) is a manifestation of its commitment to providing a better future for children in Haiti.

Without respite, without a budget, without a government, President Joseph Michel Martelly has not been idle during the first hundred days of his government.

Increasing the number of meetings with donors, private sector and NGOs, he gradually built the structures that form the basis for a strong state, capable of significantly improving the living conditions of Haitian citizen.

Civility, honesty, work discipline. These are valued by the 56th President of the Republic of Haiti during his meetings with Haitian schoolchildren. Values that lead inexorably to the success ... Tet Kale!

Hérold Israël is the Head of Communications for the Office of the President of the Republic of Haïti