Haiti: Actress Fabienne Colas being Sued in Canada for Plagiarism

MONTREAL, Canada ( – Facing accusations of plagiarism for “L’Autre TV” (Other TV) through her Diversity TV project, Haitian-Canadian actress, Fabienne Colas, and her husband Emile Castonguay are being sued by Madeleine Fawcett Begon, a career educator.

A complaint was formally filed on December 14 against Fabienne Colas and Emile Castonguay to the Superior Court of Longueuil (Canada). In the complaint, a sum of over a million dollars is claimed the couple.

"We continue to work and the project proceeds apace, this case is a new libel and a distraction, but we continue to work," said Fabienne Colas not a little shaken by this episode.

"We are aware of the complaint and our lawyers care for them," said Fabienne Colas to Haiti Press Network. The young actress Haitian hoped that this new case could find a way to quickly move to the realization of his project.

Authorized last October by the Canadian Council for Radio Broadcast and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), the projects of two TV channels (Bon Gout TV and good Diversity TV) are accused of infringement by Ms Begon of the Other TV who said that this project is the result of her works.

Pending a decision of the court, prosecutors asked the court to order Ms. Colas to "stop all representations or activities related to the development of two television channels."

Fabienne Colas and her partner are also summoned "not to use the licenses CRTC 2011-666 and CRTC 2011-667 until the final results to be made on this issue”.

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