Tragic Death of Actress Farah Menard

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011 16:21

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( - Many in Haiti are grieving after the tragic death of actress Farah Menard of the tv soap opera, VIP. Authorities believe the actress lost control of her car which led to an accident which killed her instantly.

The Haiti Press Network {japopup type="iframe" content=""}(HPN){/japopup} has been following the story:

In a tragic accident that occurred on Sunday, September 18 on the National Route #1, the driver, Farah Menard, lost control of her vehicle, according to residents.

The terrible accident occurred at about 5 PM on the stretch of road between Cabaret and Arcahaie, specifically on the Leveque Bridge, informed the Commissioner of Police, Will Dimanche, responsible for traffic.

TV Coverage

It was a Mazda pick-up coming from the north to Port-au-Prince that actress, Muscardi Marie Carmelle Farah Menard, was driving and died instantly in.

According to local residents, reports the commissioner, there were no other cars in the vicinity of the victim's vehicle. Her car violently struck the railing of the Leveque bridge then was projected into an electricity pole and ended in a tree a few yards away. The car was severely damaged along with its driver.

"We have not yet determined the cause of the accident, but witnesses said the driver had lost control of her car," said the Police Commissioner advising drivers to limit their speed on highways and to avoid overloading their vehicles.

The police announced a series of measures on national highways as the speed limit and the requirement of wearing a seat belt.

Community Reactions

In reaction to the news of the accident, Sophia Desir, designer of the hit series VIP (Vanity, Intrigue, Passion) in which Farah was brilliantly played the role of Paola Delarue, regretted the death of a genuine collaboration, "a woman full of life and who shared his love of life."

"This is the last news that was expected," said Smoye Noisy, Farah Ménard co-actress on the set of VIP.

"She was a talented journalist, presenter, actress, someone who had a great sense of humor. He was a good living, I can not believe we speak for the past," responded the other hand the actor and director Reginald Lubin who gave the reply to Farah Menard in the soap and VIP in the film.

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