Haiti-Kompa: New Gazzman-Richie Band High Probability

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012 21:05

MIAMI, USA (defend.ht) – After several weeks with no news on the situation, it was confirmed from a 'reliable source' that Gazzman Couleur and Jean “Richie” Herard may be weeks away from forming a band.

Reported by Kompa Magazine, the two were in the studio Tuesday night in Florida working on music. This KM! says comes from a reliable source.

The issue of whether it will be a band or just album is still in discussion but again, a reliable source had said chances are very good that it will be a band.

"I can tell you that at this point, it's 80% sure it will happen. They will soon be talking deadlines in terms of when Gazzman will make the transition, and for the new band to start going to work. MARCH is the month that they will try to look at in terms of working on the cd and mixing it, as well as the band starting to rehearse. April (spring time), being the month targeted for their live debut on the HMI (Haitian Music Industry) scene."

The source supported the possibility:

"If you look at the original diSIP poster when the band first came out, Laporte, Sexy Beef, Pluviose, Ti Dou, Ti Tanbou are no longer in the band. The only one left from that poster besides Gazzman is the drummer Jean. So where’s diSIP? Gazzman has no obligated loyalty left to diSIP because the original players are not there anymore."

It was reported on DH in December that Richie had left Zenglen after more than a decade. First reports of a Gazzman/Richie project came out in October.