Haiti - Rap Kreyol: Dug G, Izolan put an End to Hostilities

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Friday, 16 December 2011 23:57

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) - Facing backlash from the members of his own crew, Dug G accepted an olive branch from Izolan who wished to put an end to hostilities between the 'Crew and the Family in Rap Kreyol.

On the occasion of the celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Citizen, the Youth Parliament of Haiti not only marked the day by filing with the Chamber of Deputies a bill of rights for young socio-economic and cultural, but also honoring four (4) young persons, 3 of them artists:

Leonard Almighty aka Izolan,
Jean Hubert Vacourt aka Dug G
Beaubrun Juanitho AKA Wanito Louis Pascal
and the other young man, Charlot Jacquelin Junior, the son of a disappeared man, Charlot Jacquelin Senior, September 19, 1986, a young activist, teacher at a school in Cite Soleil, he was taken away by military police station in Cite Soleil, and there are definitely lost track of him, he ago that twenty-five (25) years.

Wanito was honored and seen as star of 2011, and Izolan and DUGG, they were honored for their reconciliation and they are for the Youth Parliament, Haiti, role models, and as to Charlot Jacquelin, it is honored for his leadership in society, a real politician in modern grass.

The initiative of the Youth Parliament of Haiti, to honor these young people is encouraged by Senator Kely C. Bastien (Nord/Inite>, President of the Lower House, the hon Saurel Jacinthe (Moron Chamberllan/Inite), MP Gracia Delva (Marchand-Dessalines/Lavni), the United Nations and the Gathering of Leaders Rap (RAR).

What we need to retain the initiative of the Youth of Haiti, is that we do not live in isolation and eventually, the actions in the past have come back both good and bad, This is called the boomerang effect or application of the law of Karma for spiritual.

Two Industry Giants

Izolan of Barikad Crew thought one day in 2011 to call Dug G of Rockfam to come together, perform together and even consider working together. Dug G was not done praying to accept the idea of ​​Izolan, and for the first time on stage we saw Dug G at the Venisia Belisimo (Gressier) for the Hip Hop Festival organized every year by Izolan.

The reconciliation was not easy, since the year 2011 is now infamous for being a year of high turbulence in rap kreyol. Almost all the players in the rap scene were in crises, crises fueled primarily by division a symptom of superstars and lack of vision and leadership.

This merger was more difficult Dug G than for Izolan, since Izolan had a head start on Dug G as a rapper, producer, promoter and leader and received support from the rappers of Barikad Crew.

For Dug G, it was initially confusing about his status in RockFam, and to accept the proposal of Izo has earned him some criticism even from even from his brothers, the rappers of RockFam, who called him a traitor, and it was at same moment that the slogan "affiche'w" emerged, and which is likely to be the title of the upcoming album by RockFam in 2012.

Accepting the proposal of Izo was an act of courage for Dug G and a confirmation of the thundering Barikad Crew. But what should be done is done, and now they are rewarded for the deed and take the lead in a different way of doing things in rap creole, because the controversy existing in the rap creole showbiz is real more than in Kompa when it comes to show business.