Deputé Gracia Delva, Mass Compas New Single 'Nada' [AUDIO]

Written by Tracy Magistre

Saturday, 11 June 2011 19:02

Deputy Gracia Delva

DESSALINES, Haiti - Kompa group Mass Compas has released their first single off their new album "Nada".

{japopup type="iframe" content="" title="Kompa! Magazine -"}Kompa! Magazine{/japopup} found out about the track weeks in advance but still the editors at KM were surprised to hear Deputé of Marchand Dessalines, Gracia Delva, featured as the only lead vocalist while Mass Compas new acquisition Frero Jean Baptiste sat on the sidelines.

Delva was also appointed Chairman of the House Committee on Culture, Communication and Tourism.

NADA - Mass Compas

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